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The Beginning The Beginning

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The Beginning

Posted on Wed, Jan 9, 2013

Thank God that He gave me this idea to chronicle the journey! In everything I will give thanks and bless the Lord at all times! For this denial, I made the decision to follow the Pastor's plan, with Dr. Curt's guidelines, and give up all that stuff (red meat, sugar, carbs, etc. -- contact me for the list) and 1 more thing personally -- MEAT. Yes I wanted the Daniel Fast for real, for real.

Day 1: Prophetic Pastor. So who knew that our Pastor was being prophetic when he made the statement on Sunday: "Guaranteed, there will be challenges. Tomorrow, somone at the job will bring that chocolate donut and put it right in your face." Oh no, that won't happen to me...and even if it does, I'll just go into prayer and plead the Blood.... La, la, la! We went and washed feet, there was fellowship, there was prayer (I missed it but), we went home, all was right with the world.

Day 2: Oh Yeah, It's On. My, my, my! On Monday morning, guess what???? I walked into our kitchen galley on the job and there was a beautiful fruit cake with a note on it: "ENJOY!" Wha tha story? No biggie! Since I'm not a fruit cake fan (honestly, I've never had it) I would breeze thorugh that one. I laughed. However, in came another co-worker who said ever so sweetly, "Would you like brownies instead?" The enemy is a LIAR! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE brownies!!!! What? It was only day 2! I had to laugh. I called my Pastor. He laughed.....later that day, he was offered Mexican bread. Shut up!

Solomon was on point when he penned, "there's nothing new under the sun." Same enemy. Same tricks. Oh yeah, it's on!

Day 3: Stay Focused. First appointment of the day (check). Second appointment of the day (check). Third appointment of the day (check). Oh, I got this. Fourth appointment of the that chicken? Oh my gosh is smells delicious! No, wait, I gave up meat...WHAT WAS I THINKING??????? Need to eat before the last appointments of the day. Nothing vegetarian but sides on the menu???? WHAT WAS I THINKING??????? Yes, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, celery and tomatoes will be fine. Stay focused, stay focused, stay focused!

Day 4: Be Powerful. So on this 4th Day - I decree "I Will Rise!" (she said as she ate cherries and an orange for breakfast)! "I Will Rise!" "I Will Rise!" New Mission, we can do this once we decide, declare and decree to be powerful and we will rise!

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